How to get the balance right this Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year:  a blur of Christmas parties, brandy butter and Bucks Fizz for breakfast.    

We all love a bit of overindulgence around Christmas time with friends and family, but if the cycle of mince pies, cheese boards and too many festive tipples has got you feeling distinctly ‘meh’, we’ve got 5 top tips to add some balance back into your Christmas routine.  

  1. Gut health

Christmas can take it’s toll on our digestive system, which is suddenly bombarded by an excess of rich foods and alcohol.  As a result, you’re probably going to be feeling gassy, constipated and more stuffed than the Christmas turkey.  

One effective way to combat the bloat is a digestive enzyme, which helps redress the balance in your gut and reduce those symptoms of over-indulgence.  Start taking in the run up to Christmas and continue during the festive period.

  1. Love your liver 

‘Another drink?’  ‘Oh go on then, as it’s Christmas.’  

Sound familiar?  At this time of year our alcohol intake increases dramatically.  As a result, our poor liver can take a battering, and we feel sluggish and headachy.    

With so many Christmas festivities, it’s often hard to abstain from drinking but try and give your body a break if you can.  When you do drink alcohol, drink lots of water in between alcoholic drinks and don’t drink on an empty stomach.  

Milk thistle is known for protecting the liver, especially from alcohol-related damage.  Take before and after you start drinking alcohol for best results (and always drink responsibly).  A digestive elixir is helpful to settle an upset stomach, calm a hangover and gently support the liver.     

  1. Calm and bright 

Let’s face it, as well as being fun, the Christmas period can also be completely frantic.  With a list of things to do and people to see, many of us suffer from stress and anxiety during this time and end up rushing around like a headless turkey.  The pressure to have ‘the perfect Christmas’ is often overwhelming and as a result the festive period can be anything but merry.  

L-Theanine & Lemon Balm  is a useful supplement for stress and can help if you’re feeling anxious, tense and nervous, or have difficulty sleeping or concentrating.  CBD oil can also help to ease anxiety.  

Also remember to take some time for yourself during the Christmas madness.  Dr Hauschka’s Moor Lavender Calming Bath Essence is a perfect way to wind down and relax.      

  1. Think green 

If your diet over the Christmas period consists mostly of beige foods with a few Brussel sprouts thrown in for good measure, you might want to add some colour to your plate.  Try and get a mix of different coloured vegetables into your diet (think red cabbage, red peppers, sweet potatoes) and replace your mid-morning / afternoon Christmas cake / mince pie / yule log with a piece of fruit.  

If you feel you need a little something extra to supplement your diet, we love One Earth Organics Green Goddess powder, which is packed with nutrient-rich foods as well as Omegas 3 and 6.  Kiki Health’s Nature’s Living Superfood is another of our favourites to help with your nutritional needs – a blend of whole foods, including alkalising land and sea vegetables, micro-algaes, enzymes and bacterial cultures.  Add to a smoothie or just have on its own with a little water.  

  1. Energy boost 

Late nights, stodgy foods and alcohol can leave you lacking in energy and feeling particularly sloth-like.  If you’re struggling to extricate yourself from the sofa and your afternoon naps are becoming increasingly frequent, you might want to try a supplement for an energy boost.  

We recommend One Earth’s Rejuvenate Your Soul powder, which contains vitamin C, magnesium and iron to help reduce tiredness and fatigue.  Your Vitamin B levels (which help with energy) might also be depleted if you’ve been indulging in too many sherries, so a Vitamin B supplement may help with this too.  

We wish you a merry (and healthy!) Christmas.