Learn How To Improve Your Posture – Sat 24 June

Ever wanted to improve your posture? Come and find out how the Alexander Technique can help you improve your posture, overcome aches and pains and enjoy greater energy. Liza Hawkins – a local Alexander teacher – will be in-store this Saturday from 10am to 2pm to answer your questions and demonstrate how making some beneficial changes to simple movements like walking, sitting and standing can really help you become aware of the tensions in your body and help you learn how to release and let go of them.


The technique helps with many health issues. These include back pain, shoulder & neck pain, migraine, RSI, pregnancy discomfort, breathing difficulties such as asthma, and rehabilitation after illness, surgery or injury.


See Liza’s website for more information. http://alexander-technique.uk.com/
Hope to see you on Saturday!