black+blum Lunch Pot


Two watertight pots with spork.


Two watertight pots complete with a convenient carry strap and spork, which makes them extremely versatile for food on the go. The pots are made from food grade polypropylene that has added sea shell powder, so they feel like ceramic bowls, but without the weight or fragility. The top lid is made from Tritan™, a premium co-polyester free from harmful leaching chemicals (BPS, BPS and phthalates).

Made from polypropylene and copolyester (BPA free)

Includes spork and carry strap

Smaller pot fits in larger pot for compact carrying when empty

Microwave and dishwasher safe

L 11.5cm H 19cm / L 4.5″ H 7.4″

Bottom pot 300 ml/10 fl oz – Top pot 550ml/18.5 fl oz


How to use

The lunchpot is microwave safe, but make sure you unfasten the lid, before microwaving. Two minutes maximum in one go and repeat if further heating is required.

If a vacuum forms in one of your containers, it will not be possible to untwist the lid. The vacuum can be simply released, by pushing the end tips of your spork under the seal to allow air into the container. This will break the vacuum and you will then be able to twist open the lid.

If your lunch pot happens to leak, make sure you check the silicon seal is evenly applied in the lid and not squashed. Make sure you tighten the lid to the body when closing, to ensure a water tight seal.

If microwaving foods such as tomato sauce, it can leave a stubborn residue stain. This can be removed by applying bicarbonate of soda with a damp cloth to these stubborn stains