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Certified Organic.

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Mushrooms 4 Life Chaga dual extraction mushroom supplement uses only wild-harvested Chaga traditionally grown on birch trees in Siberia to obtain key active nutrients including betulinic acid.  Soil Association Certified Organic.

  • Chaga conk grown on birch trees in Siberia
  • Combined hot water and ethanolic extracts
  • Wild crafted and organically certified by the Soil Association

Chaga ‘The Diamond Of The Woods’ is traditionally used across Russia and Eastern Europe for vitality and to protect against disease.

Mushrooms 4 Chaga is naturally gluten, dairy and soya free.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

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Why mushrooms?

Mushrooms are nature’s biological communicators, forming vast invisible networks that connect individual plants, and transfer water and nutrients. As mushrooms grow, they enrich the forest floor and plants in a symbiotic relationship, a form of communication which some have coined the Wood Wide Web. This ability to ‘speak to’ the plant kingdom at a deep cellular level is also what makes them so valuable to us. In humans, research shows they may be regarded as biological response modifiers (BRMs), acting on the immune system to restore balance where it is needed.

Fungi kingdom

Although we might assume fungi to be part of the plant kingdom, they are more closely related to animals, and humans and fungi share a common ancestry in 30% of our DNA. To date approximately 700 species of mushroom have been identified as having therapeutic value and together they form some of the most potent medicines found in the natural world.

Potent natural medicines

Beyond their capacity to colonise, mushrooms have developed an innate hardiness over many millennia. This gives them a natural advantage in a range of habitats, from Chaga conk in Siberia—which can survive temperatures of -40C—to the high Tibetan plateaus which are home to a rare species of Cordyceps fungus. It also means they have evolved some unique defences against disease in a set of pharmacologically active compounds that can benefit humans.

Why choose MUSHROOMS 4 LIFE?


Mushrooms 4 Life grow their mushrooms under nature-identical conditions, which gives them a similar nutrient profile to wild mushrooms.


Mushrooms 4 Life’s mushroom products are simply 100% real mushrooms with no binders, additives, or artificial ingredients.

Attention to Detail

They aim to preserve the unique spectrum of nutrients and active compounds in every mushroom they harvest.


Mushrooms 4 Life obtain all their mushrooms directly from experienced and reputable organic farms which specialise in mushroom cultivation.


Mushrooms4Life offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of mushroom products in the UK, including powders, capsules, teas and coffees.


Their products are third-party DNA tested and laboratory tested for heavy metals, pesticides and contaminants, so you benefit from only the purest mushrooms, and nothing else.

How to use

Adults take 2 capsules, 1-3 times a day with or without food.


Organic Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) conk, *vegetable cellulose capsule (Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose). *Non-organic.

2 Capsules Provide:

  • Organic Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) conk                     800mg
  • Dual extracted (combined hot water and ethanolic extracts)
  • Containing a minimum of 30% polysaccharides and 2% triterpenes


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