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A simple, natural, all-purpose ointment.  An essential!


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Stephanie G-M, the makeup artist behind Ouli’s Ointment, was inspired by her grandmother’s use of natural remedies and the family’s olive groves on the beautiful Greek island of Zakynthos. Combining her heritage and experience of beauty in fashion, Stephanie has formulated this wonder product; an all purpose beauty ointment.

This organic, natural product has been developed to soften dry skin and be used for pain relief on cuts and burns while reducing redness. Ouli’s Ointment also acts as a multi application beauty product with uses including smoothing fine lines under the eye, perfect for chapped lips, and as a barrier under makeup to create a healthy glow. It even tames flyaway hairs.

Ouli’s Ointment is an indispensable part of any makeup artist’s kit and can be enjoyed by everyone as an essential component for everyday skincare.

“Cosmetics these days have a lot of chemicals in them so I like using natural and organic products as much as possible. I know how well nature works and skin responds and reacts to these natural ingredients.” –Stephanie G-M

Perfect size for home or kit.

How to use

Just use a little of this amazing balm on everything!

Smoothes under eye lines and chapped lips.

Acts as a barrier under makeup to create a healthy glow.

Tames flyaway hairs.

Softens dry or chapped skin.

Take the sting out of cuts and burns.

Soothes babies bottoms.


Olive Oil 

Contains antioxidants and nutrients.  Prevents water loss.  Anti-inflammatory properties.  Softens skin.


Creates barrier against elements.  Locks in moisture.  Restorative for skin due to vitamin a content.

Roman Chamomile

Soothes sore or dry skin.  Anti-bacterial. Anti-inflammatory.  Sweet apple-like scent.


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