Specialist, Independent & Ethical.

Retford Times featured us today as part of their focus on specialist shops in Retford. It was great to see so many independent retailers working to keep the high street buzzing – and we got an opportunity to talk about some of the things that are important to ourselves and our customers.

Being an ethical retailer is at the heart of what we do. We are careful to seek out sustainable sources of product and support independent producers. And we are very happy to say none of our product is tested on animals. 

We also believe natural health and natural beauty is a choice that is gentle on you and on nature. Enjoying food that is natural, organic and nutritious is an important part looking after yourself, and looking good. At The Good Health Boutique we celebrate food that is not highly processed and is free from artificial additives and hydrogenated fats.

And we believe what you put on your body matters too.  Bodycare products should be gentle, natural and free from harmful chemicals. It makes sense to treat your body with care.

Anyway, it’s been a good day for us. And if you are in Retford sometime soon please do call in. Everyone is individual, with different needs. If you would like advice on natural health or to discover more about natural beauty, we can help you choose the best bodycare, supplement, wholefood or natural remedy for you.