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An XL 450g bag of Exhale Coffee Organic House Roast – their flagship healthy, organic coffee that’s been sourced and roasted for the highest levels of antioxidants and polyphenols. Lab tested mycotoxin, mould and pesticide free. The coffee that sparked the healthy coffee revolution!

Exhale Coffee taste and lab tested 45 coffees from around the globe to find the healthiest and most delicious… that was produced in the most planet friendly way possible.

They then roasted it lots of different ways to find the best way of roasting to lock in as many of coffee’s naturally healthy compounds as possible, while keeping out the bad.

The result was a coffee that tastes sensational, AND is ridiculously healthy… 1 cup = 1.8kg of blueberries in antioxidants!

If you’re used to drinking stale supermarket coffee, brace yourself, this will rock your world!

  • Soil Association Organic
  • Single Origin
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Speciality Grade
  • Fully Traceable
  • 100% Arabica
  • Independently lab tested
  • Mycotoxin, mould, pesticide and heavy metal free

???? Plastic Free & Compostable Packaging


How to use


450g of speciality grade, 100% Arabica, single origin, organic coffee.

Exhale Coffee don’t add anything else to make it healthy… becasue nothing else is needed!



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