Best home facial

Here at GHB we are ALL about the DIY facial.  So we’re sharing our superstar products for the ultimate home treatment for your face – tried, tested and loved by us.  All our products are natural and free from harmful chemicals, and will leave your skin feeling so smooth you won’t be able to stop touching it.        

  1. Cleanse and remove make up

Gently cleanse your skin and remove your make up.  Two of our favourites are Dr Hauschka’s Soothing Cleansing Milk and Evolve’s Gentle Cleansing Melt, both of which are kind to skin and smell beautiful.  Give your face a massage at the same time by gently rolling and lifting your hands over your face.        

  1. Steam bath 

Boil some water and put it in a bowl, along with some of Dr Hauschka’s Clarifying Steam Bath.  Cover with a towel and steam (10-15 minutes for oily or combination skin, 5-10 minutes for normal skin and 3-5 minutes for sensitive skin).  This contains nasturtium, daisy and witch hazel, which support the skin’s self-cleansing processes, encourages natural exfoliation and minimises the appearance of enlarged pores.     

  1. Exfoliate 

Now it’s time to slough off that dead skin!  We love Nourish’s Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator, which is designed to remove urban pollution and oxygenate the skin for smoother, healthier appearance.  It can be used as a cleanser, exfoliator and mask, so for best results leave on after exfoliating for 5 minutes and then rinse with cool water.  

  1. Mask 

One of our absolute favourites is Dr Hauschka’s Clarifying Clay Mask, which lifts and draws dirt particles from the skin, soothes skin and reduces redness and blemishes.  We also love Optiat’s Hemp Face Mask, which contains purifying clay, exfoliating English hemp husks and soothing calendula and marshmallow root.  For chocolate fiends, Evolve’s Radiant Glow Mask is the one – made with organic raw chocolate powder and coconut *drool*.  

  1. Toner 

Don’t be tempted to skip this stage – toner is great for shrinking pores, keeping your skin moist and adding a layer of protection from environmental factors such as pollution.  For normal skin types, try Dr Hauschka Facial Toner or Evolve’s Daily Defence Moisture Mist.  Nourish’s Protect Cooling is great for dry skin, and its Relax Soothing Toning Mist for sensitive skin.  Dr Hauschka’s Clarifying Toner is best for balancing and calming oily skin.  

  1. Facial oil or moisturiser / eye cream 

Now for the final step – to lock in that moisture and keep your skin looking plump and fresh.  Evolve’s Miracle Facial Oil can be used for all skin types – it is made from organic argan oil and rosehip to nourish dry and mature skin, and blackseed oil to reduce signs of irritation.  Evolve’s Rainforest Rescue Blemish Serum is fantastic for decreasing sebum production, leaving your skin clearer and protecting against future breakouts.  For eyes, we love a bit of Nourish’s Kale Anti-Aging Eye cream and Dr Hauschka’s Daily Hydrating Eye Cream.  Massage in and enjoy!  

Now you’re done!  Go forth and flaunt your fabulous skin.